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GSA-VOYAGES. GRAND-SAHARA-AVENTURES, is a local travel agency, we offer you our private and tailor-made excursions and tours in Tunisia.

Whether you're traveling as a couple, family or group, we have options to suit all types of travelers.

Our private tours offer you a personalized experience with a flexible itinerary, allowing you to choose the places you want to visit and the activities you want to participate in.

Our team of professionals will take care of planning every detail of your tour according to your interests, your budget and your schedule. Whether you want to explore historical sites, go on a desert adventure, enjoy stunning beaches or discover Tunisian culture and cuisine, we can design a tailor-made tour that will meet all your expectations.

Tell us your preferences and let us create a tailor-made, private, unique and unforgettable tour for you, to discover the wonders of Tunisia at your own pace and according to your desires.

​​​We design your tailor-made tours, departing from all over Tunisia.

Tours to discover Tunisia:

  • Ancient Roman sites like: Dougga, Bulla Regia, Carthage, El Jem....

  • National parks like: Bouhedma National Park, Boukornine National Park, Dghoumès National Park...

  • Thousand-year-old sites such as: Chenini in Tataouine, Great Mosque of Kairouan, The Medina of Tunis,  Mahdia...

  • The Tunisian south and its oases such as: Tozeur and the mountain oases, Douz the door to the desert, Ksar Ghilane....

  • The desert like: Tembaine, Chott el Djérid, Lake Houidath Erreched, the silted village of Zafraane.....

Whether you are traveling in a group, with friends, as a couple, as a family.
Everything is possible, to create your trip that suits you, you choose your dates and you imagine your itinerary, your accommodation. 

4x4 tours allow you to go in small groups, each 4x4 being able to transport 4 to 5 people in addition to the driver.
On our Website, we give you some “package” itineraries as examples, it’s up to you to take inspiration from them and put together a unique circuit.

We don't just create trips, but unique and unforgettable experiences.
We are here to listen to you, so that your desires, your desires, your expectations are realized in complete freedom.

Your satisfaction will always be our driving force.


Excursion to Ksar Ghilane Tunisia.
Tataouine excursion.
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