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Depart pour une randonnée à dos de dromadaires dans le désert Tunisien



Randonnée chamelière-trek dans le desert en Tunisie.



Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the desert, in the heart of the Tunisian desert, during these fantastic hikes - trek in southern Tunisia.

Optionally, severaldurations of Hiking - trekking, over 3, 4, or 6 days.
With dromedaries and camel drivers, you will venture deep into the Tunisian Erg Oriental
We will leave in the morning from the island of Djerba, whether from your place of stayor the airport, to reach Douz, the gateway to the desert.
Depending on your departure from Djerba, either you will have lunch on the way, have dinner and spend the night in Douz in a hotel room.
Either you will go directly on a hike - trek and have your first lunch in the desert

The daily stages vary between 10 to 15 km, equivalent to a duration of 3 to 6 hours of walking with lunch breaks at noon.
Food is prepared over the campfire, and our guides bake fresh flatbreads daily in the hot sand.All the nights will be spent in bivouac in the desert under the tent.
The camels are loaded and unloaded twice a day.
This immersive experience will allow you to discover the nomadic way of life, the beauty of the desert and the soothing calm of the nights under the stars.
As part of the camel trek, or camel trek, you will have a riding dromedary available to share with other participants. This is what we recommend most often.

Indeed, it is rare that people go up all along the circuit.
A dromedary, although fascinating, is not always very comfortable.
Camels also carry your luggage.

Young children will eventually be able to ride two on a camel.

This experience will allow you to experience the desert at a slow and contemplative pace, while appreciating the wild and austere beauty of the Saharan landscape.

Trek dans le désert Tunisien avec les dromadaires.
Trek - randonnée chamelière dans le desert tunisien

Here is an example of a 4-day itinerary.


Day 1: Djerba >Douz

  • Start your day with a departure to Bir Karate.

  • Take the time to have lunch prepared by the camel drivers in Benweya.

  • Continuation of the hike.

  • Preparation of the bivouac.

  • Dinner and vigil by the fire.

  • Overnight in private tents in the dunes of Elwat Hlel.

Day 2: Elwat Hlel - Night in the bivouac at El Eguetaya.

  • After breakfast, depart from Elwat Hlel for a 2-3 hour camel trek.

  • Have lunch in El Ajmeni.

  • Preparation of the bivouac.

  • Dinner and vigil by the fire.

  • Overnight in private tents in El Eguetaya.

Day 3: Departure to Bir Chareff - Night in Lehtib.

  • Start your day by heading to Bir Chareff.

  • Enjoy a hike in the white dunes of Bir Chareff.

  • Lunch break.

  • Continuation of the hike.

  • Preparation of the bivouac.

  • Dinner and vigil by the fire.

  • Overnight in private tents in Lehtib.

Day 4: Lehtib to Douz - Lunch at Thraa Ben Azouza.

  • Resume your trek towards Douz.

  • Break for lunch at Thraa Ben Azouza.

  • Continuation of the hike for youfinish your trek mid-afternoon in Douz.

  • Transfer by 4X4 to Djerba, either to your place of stay or to the airport depending on your flight time.


As part of this hike, your luggage will accompany you throughout the course. The dromedaries will carry a bag with a maximum weight of 15 kg, while you will have a small backpack to carry the objects you want to have close at hand. Here are some essentials to include:

  • Water bottle or water bottle: This is a must to stay hydrated while hiking.

  • High SPF Sunscreen: The desert sun can be very strong, so it's important to protect your skin.

  • Sunglasses: To protect your eyes from UV rays and sand.

  • Camera: You will surely want to capture the beautiful landscapes of the desert.

Days, even in winter, can be hot, so pack light clothing suitable for hiking.The nights are cooler, and can even be very cold in winter, so don't forget to take a sleeping bag suitable for sub-zero temperatures.

For your personal hygiene, plan to bring baby wipes, water purifying tablets, toilet paper and a lighter.

It is important to note that on these hikes we adopt a non-pollution policy, which is why it is crucial to take with you all the waste that we produce.

Get ready for an unforgettable 7-day experience through the majestic Grand Erg Oriental of the Tunisian desert!

Properly preparing for a desert bivouac will ensure a more enjoyable and comfortable experience. It is important to respect the desert and to take care not to leave any trace of your passage.

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