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3 personnes sur des dromadaires dans le desert tunisien


Randonnée Chameliere dans le désert à Douz départ Djerba, Tunisie.


Trekking in the desert of Tunisia

Direction the mountain of Tembaine

(quite demanding trek 5/6 hours of walking per day, over 5 days)

Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the Tunisian desert with a 5-day trek through the Grand Erg Oriental. This trek offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Bedouin culture and discover the wild landscapes and incredibly clear stars of the Sahara.

Reception at your place of stay or at Djerba airport. Transfer to Douz, nicknamed the "Gateway to the Desert", where you will spend the night in a local hotel.
After breakfast, departure by 4x4 for the Grand Erg Oriental. On your arrival, you will meet your Bedouin guides and camels. After lunch, start the hike through the sand dunes. Dinner and bivouac in the desert.
Two full days of hiking through the rolling sand dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental. You will be able to observe the changing landscape as you go deeper into the desert. Each evening, you will set up your bivouac and enjoy a dinner prepared over a campfire.
After a last morning in the desert, return by 4x4 to Djerba. Enjoy the view of the sand dunes fading in the distance as you head towards civilization.
This trek is a fascinating adventure that offers a rare opportunity to live and breathe the nomadic way of life in the desert. So join us for an unforgettable experience through the Tunisian desert!



Support in Djerba and transfer to Douz, dinner and overnight at the hotel.

DAY 2: After breakfast, transfer from Douz in 4x4 by Douz/Nouïl - Bir Abdallah tracks, at the entrance of the erg, to Bir Abdallah (well).
After this first stage, establishment of the camp in the dunes.
Dinner and night in the desert.

DAYS 3 TO 4: Hike through the eastern erg in the middle of the desert, with imposing cords of dunes to cross. Passage to the basin of the gours of Tin Eswan and the hot spring which feeds a small lake lost in the middle of the sands, haunt of aquatic birds.


Arrived at the foot of the mountain of Tembaine. From this summit, which we will climb in the evening or in the morning, we will be like on an island in the middle of the immensity of the sand dunes with an infinite view all around you, an unforgettable moment.

DAY 5: Montagne de Tembaine - Douz/Nouïl After breakfast, return transfer by 4X4 to Douz/Nouïl. Lunch at the camp and transfer to Djerba. Highlights: A real trek in the heart of the erg, with an intense change of scenery, and the passage to the hot spring and the mountain of Tembaine.

Randonnée chamelière dans le désert Tunisien


As part of this hike, your luggage will accompany you throughout the course. The dromedaries will carry a bag with a maximum weight of 15 kg, while you will have a small backpack to carry the objects you want to have close at hand. Here are some essentials to include:

  • Water bottle or water bottle: This is a must to stay hydrated while hiking.

  • High SPF Sunscreen: The desert sun can be very strong, so it's important to protect your skin.

  • Sunglasses: To protect your eyes from UV rays and sand.

  • Camera: You will surely want to capture the beautiful landscapes of the desert.

Days, even in winter, can be hot, so pack light clothing suitable for hiking.

The nights are cooler, and can even be very cold in winter, so don't forget

to take a sleeping bag suitable for sub-zero temperatures.

For your personal hygiene, plan to bring baby wipes, water purifying tablets, toilet paper and a lighter.

It is important to note that on these hikes we adopt a non-pollution policy, which is why it is crucial to take with you all the waste that we produce.

Get ready for an unforgettable 7-day experience through the majestic

Grand Erg Oriental of the Tunisian desert!

Properly preparing for a desert bivouac will ensure a more enjoyable
and comfortable experience. It is important to respect the desert and to take care not to leave any trace of your passage.


For 5 people, price per person
For 4 people, price per person
For 3 people, price per person
For 2 people, price per person

The price includes: Private 4WD car transfer, the services of an ONTT certified guide, necessary equipment for the bivouacs, full board from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day, the different accommodations.

Excluded from the rate: National or international flights - The drinks 

Optional extra activities - Tips and personal purchases.

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