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Tozeur Circuit Star Wars à Mos Espa Ksar Hadada. Tunisie



Circuit Star Wars Tozeur Tunisiejpg


Star Wars Tour in Tunisia: 4 Days of Epic Travel!

Discover the iconic filming sites of the Star Wars saga with this unique 4-day tour through Tunisia.

Follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters and explore breathtaking landscapes that served as the backdrops for distant planets in the Star Wars universe.

Your adventure begins in Tozeur where you will be picked up to explore the oases of Tamerza, Chebika and the Mides Canyon, breathtaking natural settings that served as the backdrop for Star Wars.
After lunch in Tamerza, we will visit Ong Jmal and Mos Espa, iconic filming locations.
We will return to Tozeur for dinner and spend the night in a hotel cottage.

On the second day, we will leave for the Chott El Jerid, site of the Lars Farm in Episodes II, III and IV. Then we will visit the canyon of Sidi-Bouhel, another Star Wars filming location.

The road to Douz will take us through petrified dunes and palm grove irrigation systems.
After lunch in Douz, enjoy a camel ride through the white dunes.

We will end the day with a visit to the troglodyte houses of Matmata and the Sidi Idriss hotel, also used in the Star Wars saga, before having dinner and spending the night in a troglodyte cottage at Ksar Hadada.

one of the Star Wars filming locations.


On the third day, start the day with a guided visit to the village of Chenini,
After lunch in Ksar Guermassa, we will explore the  Ksar Ouled Soltane and Ksar Médenine, which served as sets for Mos Espa in Episode I.The path to the island of Djerba will lead us through an old Roman road.
We will dine and spend the night in a charming hotel in Djerba.
On day four, the last day of our tour will take us to Ajim and Sidi Jmour, who were used to represent Mos Eisley and Ben's house in Episode IV.
After lunch at a fish restaurant, we will return to Tozeur to conclude our epic journey.
This journey combines culture, adventure and cinematic nostalgia, offering Star Wars fans a unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of their heroes.
Reserve your spot now and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the Star Wars universe!

Tozeur à Matmata circuit Star Wars Sidi Idriss. Tunisie
Sidi Bouhlel canyon - Star Wars Tunisie.

The main Star Wars filming sites in Tunisia:

Tunisia, with its desert landscapes, oases and ancient buildings, served as the backdrop for many scenes in the Star Wars films. Here are some of the major Star Wars filming locations in Tunisia:

  • Ajim (Mos Eisley - Episode IV):

       Located on the island of Djerba, Ajim served as a filming location for                Mos Eisley, a town on the planet Tatooine in Episode IV.

  • Ajim (House of Ben - Episode IV):

       It is also in Ajim that the house of Ben Kenobi, known also as Obi-Wan            Kenobi.

  • Sidi Jemour (Anchorhead, Mos Eisley - Episode IV):

       This location on the island of Djerba was used to film scenes from Mos           Eisley and Anchorhead.

  • Ksar Hadada, Ksar Medenine, Ksar Ouled Soltane (Mos Espa - Episode I):

      These former granaries, or "ksour", served as scenery for the City of Mos         Espa on the planet Tatooine.

  • Hotel Sidi Driss, Matmata (Lars Farm - Episodes II and IV):

       This hotel, located in a troglodyte house, served as the setting for the             Farm of Lars, the childhood home of Luke Skywalker.

  • Nefta, Chott el-Jerid (Lars Farm - Episodes II, III and IV):

       Near Nefta, in the desert of Chott el-Jerid, scenes from the Farm                     Lars were also shot.

  • Great Dune (Sea of Sands - Episode IV):

       This large dune served as the backdrop for the Sea of Sands on                     Tatooine.

  • Chott el-Gharsa (Various locations - Episodes I and II):

       This salty desert has been used for various filming locations in the                   Episodes I and II.

  • Sidi Bouhlel ("Star Wars Canyon" - Episodes I and IV):

       Also known as "Star Wars Canyon", this site was used for various                   scenes in Episodes I and IV.

Each location offers Star Wars fans a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the universe of this epic saga and walk in the footsteps of their favorite characters.

Star Wars Tour
All filming locations of Star Wars movies Tunisia

Day 1:

  • Pick up at your place of stay in Tozeur and departure at 8am

  • Visits to the oases of Tamerza, Chebika and the canyon of Mides, (natural scenery from StarWars).

  • Lunch at Tamerza

  • Visit of Ong Jmal, and Mos Espa (Star Wars sets).

  • Return to Tozeur, dinner and night in a hotel gite


Day 2:

  • Departure for Chott El Jerid, (Lars Farm - Episodes II, III and IV).

  • Visit of the Sidi-Bouhel canyon (Star Wars Episode I and IV).

  • Road to Douz.

  • Visit of the petrified dunes and the irrigation system of the palm grove.

  • Lunch in Douz.

  • One-hour camel ride in the white dunes.

  • Departure for Matmata.

  • Visit of the troglodyte houses, and the Sidi Idriss hotel, (Lars Farm - Episodes II and IV).

  • Dinner and overnight in a troglodyte lodge at Ksar Hadada.

Circuit Star Wars Mos Espa. Tunisie.
Maison d'Anakin SkyWalker. Tunisie

Day 3:

  • Visit of Ksar Hadada, (Mos Espa - Episode I) .

  • Visit Chenini. (Star Wars Exterior Scenery Scenes)

  • Visit of Ksar Guermassa and lunch.

  • Visit of Ksar Ouled Soltane, (Mos Espa - Episode I).

  • Visit  of Ksar Medenine (Mos Espa - Episode I).

  • Departure for Djerba by the Roman road.

  • Dinner and night in a guesthouse or hotel in Djerba.


Day 4:

  • Djerba departure for Ajim, (Mos Eisley - Episode IV, House of Ben - Episode IV).

  • Visit of Sidi Jmour, (Anchorhead, Mos Eisley - Episode IV)

  • Lunch in a fish restaurant.

  • Return to Tozeur and drop off at your place of stay or at Tozeur airport.

Star Wars Tour
Star Wars Tunisia private tour on 3 or 4  days

For 5 people, price per person: 360 €
For 4 people, price per person: 410 €
For 3 people, price per person: 490 €
For 2 people, price per person: 655 €

For 5 people, price per person: 335 €
For 4 people, price per person: 380 €
For 3 people, price per person: 455 €
For 2 people, price per person: 610 €

The price includes: Transport by private 4X4 car.
the services of an ONTT certified guide
accommodation, the camel ride,
 full board from first day lunch at lunch on the last day. 

We also offer a Star Wars day trip

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