Trip from Djerba - Zarzis - Douz - Tozeur- Gabes

Camel trekking tour in the desert from Douz
Arrival at Tembaïne Mountain, in the middle of Jbil National Park.
(Trek quite demanding 5/6 hours of walking a day over 6 days)


Camel ride From October to May

In camel trekking, you have one riding camel to share with other participants. This is what we recommend most often. Indeed, people rarely go up along the circuit. A camel is not very comfortable. Camels also carry your luggage.

Young children can eventually ride two on a camel



In trek version, you only walk. Camels are exclusively intended for portering.

If necessary, a dromedary "emergency" can be relieved to carry you.


Day 1: 


Pick-up and transfer to Douz, dinner and night at the hotel.


Day 2:

After breakfast, transfer Douz by 4x4 tracks Douz / Nouïl - Bir Abdallah, at the entrance of erg, Bir Abdallah (well). After this first stage, establish camp in the dunes. Dinner and night in the desert.

Day 3 to 5:

Hike through the eastern erg in the desert, with imposing dune cords to cross.

Passage to the bowl of the Tin Eswan gorges and the hot spring that feeds a small lake lost in the middle of the sands, haunt of waterfowl. Arrival at the foot of the Tembaine mountain.

From this summit, which we will climb in the evening or in the morning, we will be like on an island in the middle of the immensity of sand dunes with a view to infinity all around, a great moment.


Day 6:

Mountain Tembaine - Douz / Nouïl after breakfast, transfer back 4X4 to Douz / Nouïl.

Lunch at the camp and transfer to Djerba.


Highlights: A true trek in the heart of the erg, with an intense change of scenery, and the passage to the source of hot water and the mountain of Tembaine.


Our tours include meals and accommodation, either at the hotel, homestay or bivouac.

Price per person based on 4 people: 320 € (*).

3 people 340 €

2 people 380 €

Decreasing price depending on the number of participants.


(*) The price includes:

Transportation by 4X4 car on the basis of 4 people per car, the services of a licensed ONTT guide, accommodation, full board from lunch from the 1st day to lunch on the last day.

Are excluded from the price: All that is not mentioned in the heading "the price includes".

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