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Tozeur méharée dans le désert à Douz.


Méharée à Tozeur. Tunisie


Camel ride at the Heart of the Grand Erg Oriental of Southern Tunisia
Go for an unforgettable camel trek in the majestic Grand Erg Oriental in southern Tunisia.
This unique adventure gives you the opportunity to explore the desert in an authentic way, accompanied by our companions of the desert, the dromedaries.

In our camel treks, a dromedary is generally shared between several participants.
We recommend this option as it provides a more authentic and comfortable experience.
Indeed, it is rare that participants choose to ride throughout the circuit. It should be noted that a dromedary is not always comfortable for a long time.

However, don't worry about your luggage, our camels will take care of it.
These hardy and hardy animals are perfectly adapted to carry heavy loads over long distances in desert conditions.

For young children, it is possible to ride two on a camel. It's a great way for them to live this adventure while sharing a unique moment.
Join us for a unique camel adventure and discover the mesmerizing beauty of the Grand Erg Oriental.
Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will remain etched in your memory.

7-Day Trek in the Tunisian Desert with Nights in Bivouac

Day 1: Tozeur > Douz
Start of your adventure with a pick-up at your place of stay in Tozeur.
Transfer to Douz,
set off in a 4x4 for a crossing of tracks and dunes up to the mountain on the Tembaine plateau.
Here you will meet our Bedouin guides and their dromedaries who left Douz three days before.
After lunch in the desert, start your first stage of camel trekking.
The evening takes place around the campfire for dinner and a night in tents, a friendly moment of exchanges and sharing.

Days 2 and 4:
The caravan ventures into the dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental.
The position of the sun determines your schedule.
Cross the sea of sand, with lunch breaks in the middle.
Your guides prepare fresh bread patties on the campfire daily.
After a walk of 3 to 6 hours, you will reach Lake Houidhat Erreched, a hot spring surrounded by high dunes and a rich birdlife, in the late afternoon of the 4th day.

Day 5: Take advantage of this exceptional place and its thermal waters at a temperature above 30 degrees.
This will also be an opportunity for camels to rest.

Days 6 and 7:
After lunch, take the path back to the dunes.
Gather wood for the campfire and simply enjoy the calm and fullness of the desert.
The 7th day, the plateau mountain of Tembaine is in sight.
After a last lunch in the desert and farewell to our camel drivers, return by 4X4 to your place of stay in Tozeur to conclude this unforgettable adventure.

Méharée de Tozeur à Tembaine. Tunisie

7 days hike in the desert from Tozeur
Meals and nights in bivouacs 

Our private hikes include meals and accommodation, in private tents, in bivouacs

For 5 people, price per person: 540 €

For 4 people, price per person: 560 €

For 3 people, price per person: 580 €

For 2 people, price per person: 690 €

The price includes: Transfer from Djerba by private 4X4 car. The services of an ONTT certified guide,

 full board lunch on the first dayat lunch on the last day.

Are excluded from the price:Anything not mentioned in the section" the price includes "

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