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We will take you for a day,

in the heart of the great Erg Oriental in southern Tunisia


You want to play Laurence of Arabia,

in order to roam the desert on the back of a camel?


We offer you a day to make you live

in the skin of a nomad, a camel ride in the Tunisian desert

to Ksar Ghilane.


We will leave early in the morning from your hotel in Djerba, to reach Ksar Ghilane. Our camel drivers we will wait with all

what you need to prepare lunch in the ocher dunes

of the desert.


After taking hold of the mounts, you will leave for a 3-hour camel ride in the silence of the desert.


Your camel drivers will prepare a delicious lunch for you.


Then slowly you will return to Ksar Ghilane, or your 4X4

will wait for you to take the road to Djerba.


We also offer a day trip,

one hour on camels ride, and one hour quad bike ride , with lunch at the restaurant at the foot of the dunes.

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Ksar Ghilane

The southernmost of the Tunisian oases and one of the gates of the Tunisian Sahara desert, the oasis is supplied by a 32 ° hot spring in which one can bathe

and which would have thermal virtues.

As its name suggests (ksar means castle), a stone's throw from Ksar Ghilane a fort dating from Roman times, Tisavar, located on the edge of the desert.

The Tunisian government proposed it on February 17, 2012 for future classification on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

One kilometer east there is a stele, which testifies to the passage of General Leclerc and his army in 1943 during the battle

by Ksar Ghilane. It bears the following inscription: "Here, from February 23

March 10, 1943, General Leclerc and Force L, from Chad,

successfully supported the assault by enemy forces, inflicting severe casualties on them. "


Camel trekking in the desert

in Ksar Ghilane, for an unforgettable 3 hour hike

in the silence of the Sahara Desert

Djerba> Ksar Ghilane> Djerba

  • Pick up at your place of stay in Djerba, early in the morning,

      then drive to Ksar Ghilane.

  • Coffee break and photos in a café in the middle of the desert, in the middle from nowhere.

  • Arrival at the oasis of Ksar Ghilane. Our camel guides and their camels are waiting for you

  • Departure for the three-hour camel ride in the ocher sand dunes.

  • The camel driver will prepare you lunch in the desert:

      Tunisian salad, grilled meats, bread baked in the sand.

  • Departure for return to Djerba in 4X4 car and deposit at your hotel .

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Private tour with lunch included


Price per person, based on 4 people   80 €

Price per person, based on 3 people   95 €

Price per person, based on 2 people 125 €


(*) The price includes:

Transport in a 4x4 car based on a minimum of 2 people per car

The services of an ONTT licensed guide

camel ride, lunch

The following are excluded from the price: Drinks of all kinds

All that is not mentioned in the section "the price includes"

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